Where the wild CFOs go to blood match.

In a trailer in sunny Houston. In a pixie ring made of curls. In a diner south of Hamilton. That’s where you’ll find their

In a train broke down near Sask-a-won. In a plaster worker’s tools. In the radon gas emissions pouring out of the better schools (in Porty Hope). In

In a magazine by hipsters. In a coffee drink costs too much. In Booger Brie’s depictions of the inflatable parking lot spaghetti string cappuccino man, legless except for a screaming fan. Inna

Why won’t you listen scary fascist? Why won’t you trust our tea? What was with the rag bag and discarded Elastoplasts by the sea? And what have you done with the hangovers of Karen Dalton?

In a burned out Chevy Malibu. In a sperm bank near La Jolla. In the wigs of Betty Crocker. In the comment section of Musgrave’s airbnb, that’s where you’ll