photo… And no-one gets hurt ❤

A refreshing powder-coat of advanced (total) Itarianist methods, select fascist writing, contemporary Guantanamo tourism, black poly slick as a seal’s head, the interminable wait for justice in Ferguson, the rotting flesh of democracy, mud ladders and the migraine of sessional work, JUST! A! BEER-LIGHT! TO! GUIDE! US! restraint in the age of casino capitalism, a refreshing tonic of bitumen and sea-water, The Haunted Condom (not a band), moose-knuckle in post-war Italian cinema, sprezzatura and the new hipster, the weirdly erotic Skype sex-toy app., Pingu, male pattern badass, when is wromng so wromng it’s rhigt?, Unutterable Longings vol.3, Tar Sands Honeymoon, my country: miasma, and the perfect archipelago comprising Barthelme’s legacy.

 Ernie Clay McCann

Clayton McCann is co-founder of Nelson, BC’s the Mercury. Recent work has appeared in Moss (#1.1), Anthropologica (Vol.54, #2), Canadian Literature (#212), Elephant Mtn. Review (#13), subTerrain (#61), and filling Station (#50). He has performed on CBC Radio and at countless poetry readings throughout the Canadian West.

In 2014 Clay defended his MA thesis, A Cellar Tropic: Elision and the Marijuana Worker (available above, under “Ethnography”), in Anthropology and Critical Studies at UBC Okanagan. In May, 2017, Clay defended his MFA thesis, The Burdens of Pleasure: Creative Non-fiction from Canada’s Illicit Cannabis Production Industry (coming soon to a bookstore near you!). He is now set to commence a PhD in anthropology at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON.