Beat Salad


– Clay playing host to the writers, audience, and the ghosts of all the dead Beats.

2015 marks the second year of our notorious BEAT SALAD event, curated by Lolita Tuberculosis and myself, held at the delicious Woodhaven Eco Culture Centre in the deep Gordon area of Kelowna BC.  The event paired the performance of works by featured writers with performances of their favorite Beat writers, including work by: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane diPrima, Michael McClure, Al Ginsberg and more! We hired a shuttle, lit the woods a tawny glow, and provided enough liquor to sink the patriarchy. The crowd numbered about 150 with a considerable portion coming from the immediate neighborhoods!!! Thanks to St. Hubertus Winery, The Naked Cafe for vegan treats, and the always-sassifying Cutthroat Lager (maybe Tree Brewing will sponsor us next year?).

This year’s roster of incredible writers included: Joan Crate, Marita Dachsel, W. Mark Giles, Paul Nelson, Matt Rader, Leisha Rosnau, and the fabulous Michael V. Smith.


Seattle’s Paul Nelson (who has interviewed Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Michael McClure, Richard Brautigan, Dian diPrima and other Beats on public radio) stealing the show!

See for all the juicy details.